New Hampshire Pre-primary: A Visit with Bill Bradley

by Doug Banker

Jan. 28-"Mr. Bradley, just one quick question, please!" "Mr. Bradley, over here." These shouts had become all too familiar to former Senator Bill Bradley, a democratic presidential candidate for this Fall';s national election. February 1st marked a big day for Mr. Bradley and his fellow candidates in the race to win the New Hampshire primary, and the press and media covering pre-primary weekend were hungry to get some time and information from all of the contenders.

During the five hour car ride up to Nashua, New Hampshire where several reporters were going to camp out overnight, I was uncertain as to what to expect. I was definitely taken by surprise. From the moment our group arrived at the Sheraton Hotel in Nashua, we noticed a "circus" environment was underway. Media trucks took up most of the parking lot, presidential "wannabes" made themselves known to media people looking for a comedic side-show to the main event. In fact, we met a gentleman who was dressed in Viking apparel, vying for attention. His platform, good hygiene - 'A Good Brush';. He handed out counterfeit money, rather than soliciting for campaign finance, bumper stickers, and xeroxed sheets which made fun of the weekend';s main attraction.

Once inside the Sheraton, we were welcomed by a lot of commotion. Media people totting large boom mikes, camera men, and other reporters making notes were exiting from a dining hall. Curious about what all of the commotion was about, my fellow reporters and I ventured off down the hallway, squeezing our way between tables and clusters of people talking until we reached the room where the event had just dispersed. We were oblivious to the fact that Bill Bradley was standing a mere ten yards from where we were,

Senator Bill Bradley with Doug Banker