Wed July 27, 2016


Transplanting Disaster

A need for organs that has superseded supply has given rise to a growing number of illegitimate “medical” organizations endangering the lives of the most vulnerable. This reporter responds with solutions.

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Why Tunisia Matters

US policy in the Middle East should take note of the nation that is becoming the first democracy in the region – and it’s not Iraq.

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Gambling with Egypt’s Future

As massive protests in Tahir Square and elsewhere in Egypt call for President Hosni Mubarak to step down from a 30-year reign marked largely by autocratic power, the West, in particular the U.S. appears to be stuck in thought about what to say, who to support, and what decisive action it should or should not take. One reporter’s view.

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Educational Crime

Legislators consider punishment as a means to boost test scores.

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Take A Stand: Eliminate Election Fraud

In her film, “We Will not be Silenced,” life-long Democrat Gigi Gaston illustrates how elections fraught with voter intimidation and fraud often make winners out of losers. Such, she argues was the case when DNC laws were not followed and Barack Obama became the illegitimate Democratic nominee when, the hands-down winner was Hillary Clinton. Not much has changed since and the winner is certainly not the American voter.

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Barak Obama Grabbing the Arc of Political Destiny

When he became the first African American President of the U.S. Barack Obama pledged to unite the nation. But two years later, America is even more divided. Wondering whether the over 63,000 students who became part of a political grassroots effort to get him elected are disillusioned with the inability to find a job (unemployment hovers just below 10% with no improvement in sight) and the mandatory purchase of healthcare after age 26. Let us know what you think.

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Sizing up an Iraqi Withdrawal

U.S. empowered local sheikhs to maintain security. What happens to these “Don Corleones” when troops withdraw?

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The Stimulus Needs more Stimulus

This Voices’ reporter argues we need to spend billions more to stimulate consumerism thereby getting the economy back on the road to real recovery.

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Houston: We Have a Problem

Former NBA star Allan Houston addresses the egregious misconduct by a growing number of professional athletes that has left a major blemish on an otherwise vibrant sports industry. Currently the Assistant to the President for Basketball Operations at the New York Knicks, Houston, a model leader both on and off the court, talks about player development and the importance of father-mentors to help young people cultivate life skills.

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Broken Promises

400 blood samples supposedly collected to research causes of diabetes in the Havasupai Indian tribe were used for other purposes. Lessons learned?

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